Declaration of Principles


The original inhabitants of the lands of North America have a long and proud history of caring for their elders, women, children, tradition, environment and all of the Creator’s creatures; however, they continue to lag behind in many benefits and advancements that are available to other people on these lands. 

Council FIRE (Council for First Inhabitants Rights and Equality) supports the rights of first nations’ people to protect their traditions and histories, as well as to fully participate in the arena of jobs, health-care, education, and in building a bright future together with all people who share these lands today.  We will work to educate all people to the issues of Native populations, and to encourage efforts whereby the needs and concerns of indigenous people can be addressed. 

Our organization will work to unite tribal leaders and members, labor, religious, and community groups, elected leaders, and any individuals or organizations that share the goals of Council FIRE.  We are committed to using our resources and energies to address the human rights issues of Native communities by raising awareness of inequities and conditions that constitute barriers to full participation in the larger society.  We will also work to educate the greater population as to the contributions and leadership that Native people have delivered throughout the histories of these lands. 

Council FIRE is created in the spirit of fairness and respect.  It is resolved to the purpose of achieving social dignity, economic and political justice, and a decent standard of living to which all people are rightfully entitled.